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Why Lease a CFO?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report that nearly 60% of small businesses fail. To the surprise of many, none of the primary reasons for corporate failure are related to products, services, or sales.

Six of the top reasons for failure are:
* Lack of experience
* Insufficient capital (money)
* Poor inventory management
* Over/Under investment in fixed assets
* Poor credit terms with vendors/customers
* Misuse of business funds

1. As CEO, do you have the background, specialized training and the time to uniquely focus on these six financial areas while fulfilling all of the duties of the CEO?
2. Do you have the budget to hire a full time CFO to oversee the most critical business area as defined by the SBA & BLS?

Like most small businesses the answers are probably “NO and NO”.

We offer CFOs on an outsourced and timeshare basis. Our outsourced CFOs provide unlimited consulting to the management team in the areas of accounting, HR, and finance.  CFO Leasing can provide your business with the financial leadership, talent and experience that it needs to be a viable competitor in the marketplace. We provide this Executive Level service at an entry-level cost.

Return on Energy - (ROE)
Leasing a CFO will provide your management team with an Executive Level financial advisor to help them brainstorm and harness their entrepreneurial spirit to focus on the activities that provide the most ROE. CFO Leasing has a program designed to mentor and help guide your business to the next growth stage. We are investing our energy into your business. 

Our services are affordable because we believe that “Every Business Deserves a CFO”.

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